Becoming a Market Vendor in South Korea

Hi there! Jamila here to help guide you on the path of becoming a pop-up market vendor in South Korea. It is pretty darn simple if one knows where and what to search. I’m here to help with that part. First, I want to start by stating that you know your visa type and what work you can perform here in Korea. Each market has their own rules, regulations and application process. Some will ask for business licenses while others won’t.  Moving on, I have participated in multiple markets in Seoul, that were Expat-ran or Korean-ran. I will be sharing how to participate in a Korean operated market.

Jamila is sitting down behind a market set up, looking towards the camera and smiling.Jamila is posing using both hands in a peace sign, stands behind a market table set up at Common Ground.


You will need to know a little Korean to register, to communicate with the staff and potential customers. Each market is different, some are free to participate in, some take a percentage of sales and others just require a table fee.

To be a successful market vendor, after being accepted, advertise your market. Let your customers know when, where and what time you will be participating.

Past market event flyer


How to find a market to participate in?

Using Instagram, I post product photos with the following hashtags: #굿즈 #굿즈샵 #굿즈판매
Bonus hashtag: #플마셀러
This is how market companies contacted me, through Instagram to share potential pop-up market opportunities.

For active searching, follow these hashtags on Instagram to stay updated with upcoming pop-up markets: #셀러모집  #플리마켓  #판매자모집  #아트마켓  #핸드메이드 #핸드메이드마켓  #팝업스토어  #플리마켓셀러모집  #팝업행사  #마켓부스  #플리마켓참여   #ddp디자인마켓  #프리마켓   #플마  #프리마켓준비

For markets near you: #ENTERCITYHERE플리마켓   #ENTERCITYHERE셀러모집   ex: #부산플리마켓  #서울셀러모집 

These hashtags can also be used to search Naver and Naver Cafes directly for more results.

Hopefully these hashtags will help you as they have helped me and that you also have success in participating as a market vendor in Korea!

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