Creating Quality Products: Button Badges

What’s cheaper than enamel pin production and just as cute? Button badges! Yes, button badges. They come in different shapes, different sizes and can be decorated using photos, text, or illustrations. Did I mention that they were cheap to create? Yes, they are nice and easy on the pocket to design your own personal button badge. I will share with you how I create my button badges here in Korea using Red Printing.

*Note, this is not a sponsored blog post. I just wanted to share how and where I get my button badges made here in Korea.

First, I illustrate the design I want to use on the button badge. You don’t have to illustrate or draw the design yourself; you could have someone else draw it for you or use a photo of your pet, etc. Next, I save my image in high quality then go over to Red Printing’s website. If you don’t have a Red Printing account, you won’t be able to process your order. You’ll have to sign up. After logging in, click Promotional Items to open the drop menu to select Button Badges then finally clicking on Pin Button Badges.


There are different shapes and sizes to choose from but for this design, I will be selecting round and 58X58


There are two paper options, Snow and Button Used Synthetic Paper. I suggest using the latter, the quality just looks better.

There’s no minimum production quantity order so I usually order one first as a sample. I input an order title just in case, for future reorders.


I’m a lazy illustrator and luckily for me, RP has me covered with the Easy Order option. I click that, upload my design and size it within the size borders. When it is to my liking, I save it then finish up the rest of the order.


For finishing, I select Individual Packaging to save time when I’m fulfilling shop orders and for coating, I chose Matte Single-sided. For me, the matte just looks way better and is better quality than the Glossy Single-sided. With the glossy finish, I noticed more indentions on the button badge with short wear.


Red Printing is pretty fast when it comes to fulfilling and shipping orders. They also have decent customer service.


Here’s the finished product! Honestly my favorite button badge. If you decide to make a button badge with Red Printing, I'd love to see what you create. Share it with me over on Instagram. :)


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