How to Register for K-Packet at Korea Post

Hey there, Jamila here to help you register for the K-Packet service in South Korea. Knowing Korean helps but even without Korean language skills, it’s fairly easy and straight forward. Before explaining what is needed to register for the convenient service, I will explain exactly what K-Packet is.

What is K-Packet?

K-Packet is a contractual service offered by Korea Post for discounted online international mail services. Perfect for online businesses that offers international shipping or for individuals that ship overseas frequently. Packages sent using this service must be under 2kg.

Illustration of a pink bubble mailer with a k-packet label on it.

How to register for K-Packet:

First, find the main district post office in your city. For example, when I lived in Gunpo, there were many post offices around but only Gunpo Post Office accepted and sent K-Packet. If your town doesn’t have a main district post office or if you’re still unsure call the post office call center at 1588-1300. Share your location with the operator then ask where you can register for K-Packet.

Picture of a 소포실 with the sign circled for emphasis.

At the post office, the 소포실” is the office/space you will go to register for K-Packet and to drop off your packages for shipping. Individuals and business owners can register for the K-Packet service but here’s what I am uncertain of, if the “individuals” applies for foreigners too or just Korean citizens. If you don’t have a business license, you can still try but I am unsure of the outcome.

When applying as an individual this is what you need to bring: an ID (ARC), address (this is to receive updates from the post office), address in English (for international shipping), credit or debit card (for shipping payment). When registering as a business owner bring the exact same documents as an individual but also make sure the business license is included.

When registering for the K-Packet service, you’re given a contract to fill out, it is in Korean. There is also a lot of signing because you must fill out multiple pages. In the K-Packet contract, you will have the option of paying on the 20th of the next month for shipping or same day payment. I chose the same day option, so payment is taken out immediately when the packages are accepted and scanned. The benefits of K-Packet are the discounts you can receive, according to your monthly usage amount. If you’re spending more than 500,000 won a month on shipping, there’s a 5 percent discount. The more packages sent a month, the higher the discount percentage.

After you've registered for the K-Packet service, the post office you applied at will mail you additional information including how to use the online service. Hopefully this blog is helpful for anyone interested in registering for the K-Packet service here in South Korea! Happy shipping!

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Is it possible to use kpacket if you are not a business


Hi Théau,
I shipped to Europe this month and it took 11 days to arrive using K-Packet. Hope this helps!

Jamila (Anxiety & Kimbap)

Do you know how many days K-Packet takes to arrive in Europe ?

Many thanks,


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