Ideas for How to Display Enamel Pins

Collecting enamel pins can become a very fun hobby for some. For others, the difficulty lies in where to put them. Worry no more, I am here to share some easy ways to display enamel pins. The neat thing about enamel pins is that they are art and can be displayed as such. Below I have a list with examples of ways to show off your future or current enamel pin collection. Most are inexpensive and very DIY friendly! Hopefully it will spark some inspiration!

*Some pictures were found online, are shared with credit, and are not sponsored.

Cork boards

Cork boards are easy to find and come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. They are easy to work with for DIY projects.

Square, pink framed cork board with enamel pins in front of a bush.

Photo Credit: TowerofTreasure (Etsy)

Four heart shaped cork boards with enamel pins. 

Photo Credit: ThePinkSamurai (Etsy)

Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are a gate way to getting super creative with styling and personalizing your enamel pin display. They are super easy to use and create. Just choose a blank canvas or a cool fabric to stick your pins in, then BAM! New display!

Counter clockwise, small embroidery hoop with white fabric and enamel pins, large embroidery hoop with lilac fabric and enamel pins, and a small embroidery hoop with teal fabric and enamel pins. 

Photo Credit: PinnyslugDesign (Etsy)

Hanging Banners and Pennants

Want to add a little flair to a blank wall? A nice hanging fabric of your choice could easily do the trick.

Banner enamel pin display hanging on wall.

 Photo Credit: BeCosmicStudio (Etsy)

Mini banner enamel pin display hanging on wall.

Photo Credit | MuchAdoAboutSewing (Etsy)

Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are simple but great for organizing and showing off a pin collection.

Mini white shadow box display with enamel pins.

 Photo Credit | BeyondtheShirt (Etsy)

Two white framed shadow boxes with enamel pins.

Photo Credit | BeCosmicStudio (Etsy)

Picture Frames

Picture frames as a pin display is a great DIY way to reuse those old frames just sitting around the house collecting dust. Use foam or cork board as a base then decorate with a nice fabric to compliment the pins.

Gold colored photo frame with a velvet insert with enamel pins. 

Photo Credit: AnidalaDesigns (Etsy)

Bonus: Ways to accessorize with pin collection

Backbag/Totebags Light grey backpack with two enamel pins

Denim JacketsDark denim jacket with three enamel pins.

HatsWoman looking down to show off black bucket hat with two enamel pins.

Ita Bags

A black and pink Ita bag with enamel pins inside of them.

Photo Credit: Etsy | thepinksamurai

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